Our Story

Our Logo is the embodiment of what our company is about. The flame is the symbol for Energy, Power, Action and Passion. The Gold Laurel Wreath symbolizes Victory, Honor and Courage.

The three separate elements in the flame symbolize the 3 original founding members. All come from different cultures and backgrounds and formed a harmonious synergy to create something new; hence the name "Trilogy" (Greek for - three stories).

With over 65 years of combined specialist experience, and specific strengths in Engineering and Project Accounting, they have successfully delivered projects throughout Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Europe.


Our Approach

Never has Engineering been as challenging as it is now. With dwindling profits due to various factors including the low oil price, shareholder expectations still need to be met. At Trilogy Solutions, we endeavor to perform at optimum efficiency, with correct focus of resources, to deliver successful projects.

The key for successful execution and delivery of projects is a combination of tangible and non-tangible elements.

Tangible elements: Focus on customer requirements and deliverables, effective comprehension of contract documents, effective application and efficient use of SOPs, understand how to apply fit for purpose engineering (value engineering).

Non-Tangible elements: In this cost sensitive climate, it’s the human element that tends to take the back seat. Relationships and cultural diversity & sensitivities are often overlooked factors as they are not measurable or monitored elements. At Trilogy Solutions, we understand the importance of these elements, as these invariably influence the projects' outcome.